Get Paid What You Deserve

The idea behind a worker-owned cooperative is that value created by labor flows back to the workers. We have a Basic Wage Rate of $15 per hour that applies across the cooperative. Most of our work pays $20 per hour or more.

After paying wages, taxes, and the other expenses of the cooperative, net income is allocated to the members based on patronage.

Flexible Scheduling

Our cooperative is a 2018 Best for the World Honoree!

Members and non-member employees of the cooperative decide their own work schedules in coordination with clients and subsidiary Managers. Our cooperative offers you the support to take on any work that appeals to you, so it's usually possible to align a job within the cooperative with other employment, family obligations, or a busy social life. Our standard for full-time employment is 30 hours per week.

Anyone may take unpaid leave for family time, to volunteer, or whenever life calls. We're able to continue most benefits for up to two months during unpaid leave, and some can be continued for longer.

Benefits provided by the Cooperative for All Workers

  • Workers Compensation coverage for job-related injuries and illnesses
  • Unemployment insurance in the event of a layoff or other legally covered end to employment
  • SEP retirement plan funded entirely by the cooperative
  • Paid sick leave accrued at a rate of 0.02 hours per hour worked

Additional Benefits provided by the Cooperative for Full-Time Workers

  • Paid vacation accrued at a rate of 0.083 hours per hour worked (about three weeks per year)
  • Disability insurance providing up to 60% of compensation during periods of short- or long-term disability
  • Hospital indemnity plan paying $500 per day of hospitalization
  • $50K guaranteed-issue group life insurance
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