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  • 2018
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 November 5 XENSHA recommits to the Inclusive Economy challenge for 2019.
 October 11
New Operating Agreement adopted.  Provisions include:
  • a quorum-based approval model in lieu of unanimous consent;
  • membership eligibility after the equivalent of six months of full-time employment; and
  • the transition of democratic control from daily management to governance under a collective-board model.
 September 3
 Labor Day!  Member bonuses paid as we honor industrial and trade unionism as well as more than 150 years of establishing and sustaining cooperative enterprises in the United States.
June 12 
Our cooperative is recognized by B Lab as a 2018 Best for the World Honoree for how we treat workers.
 June 5
 Jamie represents XENSHA on a panel hosted by B Local Mid-Atlantic and the Green Business Roundtable, discussing how social enterprises deliver value to stakeholders.

 May 1
International Workers Day!  Member bonuses paid as we remember the sacrifices and accomplishments of workers who came before us. 

We also celebrate our third anniversary as a worker cooperative and encourage others to follow and improve upon our example, saying "Workers of the World: Cooperate!"
 April 18
 Special Member Meeting.  Members unanimously agree that for any revenue that has no current labor cost but can be attributed to prior labor, the cooperative will pay a bonus equal to 15% of the windfall.  This revenue bonus program is made retroactive to February 22.
 February 22
 Q1 Member Meeting.  Operating Agreement amended to replace the commission system with a fair-wage model and distribute 25% of net income each month on the basis of patronage.

Members agree to review and consider a Diversity and Inclusion program as part of the B Corp Inclusive Economy Challenge.
 January 19
Operating Agreement amended to hire consider new employees for membership after a probationary period of at least six months and 100 hours of work.

Operating Agreement amended to set internally used interest rates to values approximating the IRS-published minimum.
 January 1
New Year's Day!  Member bonuses paid as we celebrate the arrival of 2018 and the opportunities that a new year offers.
Upcoming Events

  • Dec 31 - Share Awards
  • Jan 1, 2018 - New Year's Day

Member Bonus Payouts

$129.64 - Average

  • $91.77 - Labor Day 2018
  • $82.57 - Int'l Workers Day 2018
  • $132.33 - New Year's Day 2018
  • $233.39 - Labor Day 2017
  • $158.80 - Int'l Workers Day 2017
  • $205.57 - New Year's Day 2017
  • $179.40 - Labor Day 2016
  • $58.31 - Int'l Workers Day 2016
  • $24.65 - New Year's Day 2016

 2019 Tax Form Timeline

  • W-2s are not yet available from Gusto.
  • K-1s have not yet been distributed.

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