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June 12 
Our cooperative is recognized by B Lab as a 2018 Best for the World Honoree for how we treat workers.
 June 5
 Jamie represents XENSHA on a panel hosted by B Local Mid-Atlantic and the Green Business Roundtable, discussing how social enterprises deliver value to stakeholders.

 May 1
International Workers Day!  Member bonuses paid as we remember the sacrifices and accomplishments of workers who came before us. 

We also celebrate our third anniversary as a worker cooperative and encourage others to follow and improve upon our example, saying "Workers of the World: Cooperate!"
 April 18
 Special Member Meeting.  Members unanimously agree that for any revenue that has no current labor cost but can be attributed to prior labor, the cooperative will pay a bonus equal to 15% of the windfall.  This revenue bonus program is made retroactive to February 22.
 February 22
 Q1 Member Meeting.  Operating Agreement amended to replace the commission system with a fair-wage model and distribute 25% of net income each month on the basis of patronage.

Members agree to review and consider a Diversity and Inclusion program as part of the B Corp Inclusive Economy Challenge.
 January 19
Operating Agreement amended to hire consider new employees for membership after a probationary period of at least six months and 100 hours of work.

Operating Agreement amended to set internally used interest rates to values approximating the IRS-published minimum.
 January 1
New Year's Day!  Member bonuses paid.
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Member Bonus Payouts

$134.37 - Average

  • $82.57 - Int'l Workers Day 2018
  • $132.33 - New Year's Day 2018
  • $233.39 - Labor Day 2017
  • $158.80 - Int'l Workers Day 2017
  • $205.57 - New Year's Day 2017
  • $179.40 - Labor Day 2016
  • $58.31 - Int'l Workers Day 2016
  • $24.65 - New Year's Day 2016

 2018 Tax Form Timeline

  • W-2s are available from Gusto.
  • K-1s have been distributed.